Goa, The Perfect Place To Land

‘Now our road takes us to the splendid monarchy of people of this monarchy are robust, practical and very hardworking… The territory of this beautiful city is the most important in is enlightened having famous plantations and water. It is the unruffled and the serenest place in India. Moreover, this place has got plentiful of foodstuffs. Earlier the things were a bit different as the white people made a practice of going to the kingdom and the territory of Rome of the east to relax in the shade and to enjoy the groves of trees. They do so because they can smell the taste of the betel. Down the passageways of time this scenic place has carried different meanings to different people. To the Portuguese defeaters it was ‘Golden Goa’, to the El Dorado; it carried the meaning ‘Rome of the East’. Such was its attractiveness and sumptuousness, that a traveller was moved to mention ‘Whoever has seen Goa, need not visit Lisbon, which was then the outstanding focal point of the Portuguese provinces. Not only this but after sometime or say few decades later, the early 17th century French explorer Francois Pyrard wrote: ‘Whoever has been in Goa may say that he has seen the choicest rarities of India, for it is the most famous and celebrated city, on account of its commercial intercourse with people of all nationalities of the East who bring there the products of their respective countries, articles of merchandize, necessaries of life and other commodities in great abundance because every year more than a thousand ships touch there laden with cargo.’ This was the saying that he had said at that time. Now, you can imagine that how much Goa Property values. It is to be acknowledged that Goa does not require an enormous sales drive. It has got world of its own. Goa is a multilayered jewel in the crown of India. It is an edge of mind and body, inner self and such place where ones soul loves to roam more and more. The trip to Goa is an unfading memory. You can say that villas in Goa revived our inner selves to the extent that we planned to buy a piece of property for ourselves. It is joy and one gets the feeling of spiritual enlightenment being at this scenic place. This place Goa though is India’s smallest state but it has got the largest heart. Goa is evergreen to pay a visit.